miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012


English as a language has spread to almost all parts of the world and for this reason, children have to start learning this language when they are little in a fun way.

The growth of English language in primacy schools is actually based on the issue of bilingualism. Nowadays, all new schools are bilingual.

For this reason, the need for the use of Information Communication Technologies or ICT in language teaching programme is indispensable.

ICT provides the basic technology for assisting language learners to acquire important communication skills in English language.

From my point of view, the English language teacher must be conversant with new technologies of information and communication to attain a good level of efficiency.

Anyway, there are another important aspect to bear in mind. Reading different webs, I found a sentence that impresses me. The sentence was written by Mark Warschaver :

...." The key to successful use of technology in language teaching lies not in hardware or software but in humanware-our human capacity as teachers to plan, design and implement effective educational activity."

     What do you think about this?                             

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